Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Episode 1 Review: I Don't Die Easy

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Are you guys ready for the final run?

I apologize if you weren't aware and living blissfully without this information.

But this will be the last Power Book II: Ghost premiere, as the series will wrap up at the end of this season.

They Need A Plan - Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Episode 1

I'm still not personally over that news, but the excitement that Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Episode 1 brought helped quell some of my pain.

It's been a minute since we last saw Tariq and Brayden running for their lives, and it was a fabulous decision to pick things up directly where they left off, as there were a lot of loose threads that needed stitching.

None more critical than Tariq and Brayden's sudden realization that it was them against the world.

Tariq has found himself in terrible situations since he was a kid.

Some by his own doing and some…well, no, they were mostly all his own doing.

Over the years, Tariq has caused himself a lot of trouble, even though he's consistently shown himself to be highly intelligent and resourceful when necessary. It's hard to beat him, and even when people bested him, he still found a way out.

That way out came in the form of his best friend/brother/sometimes enemy, Brayden, who has pulled up time and time again for him, even though there have been times when the two have never felt further apart.

Tariq Works - Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10

If Brayden hadn't shown up at the end of Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10, we'd be watching them open this season with a handful of people standing around a cemetery bidding Tariq farewell while 'Many Men' played softly in the background.

He was a goner without Brayden, and the two spent the whole hour rotating between exasperation, despair, confusion, anger, and utter domination.

It's not often that Tariq doesn't know what to do, but he didn't know what to do after first.

Tariq's not used to other people playing him the way he plays others, and that was evident by the pure shock on his face when he realized everyone set him the hell up.

He and Brayden bickering while gearing themselves up like they were in a Rambo remake was low-key hilarious. They had ZERO options, and Tariq at least had something to bring to the table, while Brayden just kept talking about how bad his idea was.

Is there even a bad idea when you cheat death an hour before, have no money, and multiple people want you dead?

Tariq & Brayden Meet Up - Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10

Tariq, being Tariq, would never lie down and die. He had his life set up for him the way HE wanted it, which was something he'd been working for since the days when Ghost was still alive.

He was so close to it, and giving it up wasn't an option, which respect, but also, damn, he really headed to that plane hangar with a few clips and a prayer.

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Kidnapping Anya to try and get Noma to come to the table felt like the plot of a 90s Mark Wahlberg film from the 90s with a 20% score on Rotten Tomatoes. But, again, are there any bad ideas when you have no options?

Anya will so end up being a factor down the line, but her introduction here was sick, as she was utterly oblivious to the chaos surrounding her.

Tariq and Brayden have tempted fate many times, and I don't know how they pulled off that ambush, but it was an iconic scene in the series' history.

Tariq and Brayden were never in danger of dying in the season premiere, but I love that nothing came easy to them.

They were put through the wringer and had to scrap, claw, and THINK their way out of various terrible situations as the hour unfolded.

Sibling Meeting - PG0401 - I Don't Die Easy - Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Episode 1

Dru and Diana's half-ass plan to kidnap Becca reeked of desperation, but it was much brighter than Cane running to the Westons, thinking Brayden would be dumb enough to run home after everything that happened.

Dru and Diana were feeling completely different things after trying to have their mother killed, and it was interesting to see how quickly Diana folded after Monet did one good thing for her in her life.

That good thing was saving her, but still. Monet's proven over and over again that she'll do whatever is right for Monet, putting her kids through unspeakable things, and Diana trying to walk back the decision to have her killed had Dru hot!

Dru and Diana against one another all season as they try to cover up their misdeeds will be something to watch because Dru's made up his mind about Monet, and it doesn't seem to be changing.

On the one hand, how can you even blame him? Gordo dead. Papi dead.

And Monet gets to act like the pain she inflicted upon her kids can all be washed away when she hasn't even admitted to them what she's done?

Dru may be many things, but his frustration toward Monet will never be wrong.

Sullen Dru - Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 9

If we're being honest, the whole family should be frustrated with each other. The toxicity pouring out of those Tejada walls needs to be extinguished.

Speaking of Monet, the in-between purgatory she found herself in being filled with the people whose blood was on her hands was a nice touch. She had to watch herself potentially die and have three men in her ear telling her all about herself.

All we were missing was Ramirez to drive the point home.

Monet suffers from Power Universe superiority syndrome, which has affected many characters.

The syndrome's main symptom is thinking you're the smartest person in any room.

It may work for a while, and you may get what you want initially, but something ALWAYS comes back to bite.

Dru and Diana put their plan into motion because they were done with the lies, deceit, and pain of being a Tejada with a mother who compounded terrible events with something even worse.

Surprise Guest - Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 9

Mecca, aka our best villain to date, was spouting truths, but also, who was Mecca to call Monet out? He wasn't the great love of her life, and he wasn't some beacon of truth during their brief reconciliation.

He can be mad she got over on him, but let's be for real about our role in things, sir.

Lorenzo had more of a reason to be upset. While also not a great human being, he probably deserved better than the hand he was dealt. His kids definitely didn't have to bury their father in the way they did.

Monet: Everything I did, I did for our family.
Lorenzo: Killing me, that was for our family?
Mecca: Oh, and abandoning Zeke, that was totally for family.

Monet has always hidden behind doing things to protect her family, and she may believe it, but it was never reality. She's petty and vengeful and has always cared more about Monet's wants, needs, and desires than anything involving the children she birthed.

Having said all that, does she deserve a second chance to make things right? Who am I to judge?

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She has an opportunity to change the relationships and dynamics with all of her children now that she's cheated death, but it won't be easy, especially once she finds out the truth.

Always Ready - PG0401 - I Don't Die Easy - Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Episode 1

And if you think for one second we're going to get through this final season without her finding out Dru and Diana wanted to set her up and Tasha was the one who pulled the trigger, you're fooling yourself.

If Power Season 6 taught us nothing else, they reminded us that the sins from the past will always come back.

Tariq has had many sins in his past, and when he and Brayden were trying to figure out what they could do to protect themselves, it was fascinating that he had no one to call but Davis.

And if Davis is the only person you can find in your corner…good luck to you.

Brayden was no better, having effectively burned the final bridge with his awful, racist father, and honestly? No one in Brayden's family was good for him, sans Becca.

Tariq may have hated his father, and he had his reasons. But Tariq didn't grow up in a family where no one cared about him or loved him.

Tariq Outside - Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 7

They had a VERY interesting way of showing that love, but there was some form of love.

Brayden, however, grew up in a different lifestyle, but the love was not there. We've seen enough of the Westons now to know that their cutting Brayden off will be a blessing for him.

Because outside of being rich and their name, they never valued Brayden or made him feel very loved.

He and Tariq have formed a brotherhood, but it can still feel like they're walking on eggshells with each other. I hate to compare them to you know who all the time because they're not the same, but we know, and we've discussed the similarities forever.

Ghost and Tommy's friendship and brotherhood broke down the minute Angela Valdes walked into Truth, while Brayden and Tariq's suffered because of Riley, but there was not one big event they struggled to come back from.

Tariq has always been hesitant to trust anyone fully, which has caused a fissure in nearly every relationship, platonic or otherwise.

Breaking Out - Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 7

And let's not forget Brayden had quit everything like the day before!

The conversation between the two after Brayden's banishment was nice but also a joke. Tariq waxing poetic about what life would be like if they hadn't sold drugs, killed multiple people, and evaded prison, as if they hadn't decided to enter this life YEARS ago.

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Tariq's full of it, I'm sorry. He wanted this life and fought for it. He killed his own daddy to make sure he could have the life he wanted for herself.

There was no universe in which Tariq would ever be solely concerned about finals and girls because he made sure of that.

Once Noma put a price on Tariq and Brayden's heads, the clock was ticking, and Power Ghost always does action pieces set to the perfect soundtrack.

Watching the two run around campus with assassins and Cane and Effie hot on their trail was easily the best part of the hour, and it was such a vintage Power situation.

It felt like all roads were leading to Tariq and Brayden coming face-to-face with Cane and Effie, but instead, Junior popped up just in time to get himself killed.

Tariq: Angela Valdes was your aunt?
Brayden: Who the fuck is Angela Valdes?
Tariq: Federal prosecutor. She was my dad's bitch.

Junior, Junior, Junior.

Upset Brayden - Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 6

A small part of me wondered if they were setting up Junior to be THE guy to finally bring Tariq down as a full-circle moment for his family. But then I remembered that Angela never wanted to be saved, and there's no "avenging" her because everything that happened to her genuinely was her fault.

So, having Junior as the savior wouldn't have hit very well. Still, I didn't see him dying so soon.

The cockiness of law enforcement in the Power Universe is unmatched, and you would think with the history between his family and the St. Patrick's, he wouldn't underestimate Tariq as much as he did.

Everything fell perfectly into Tariq's lap in that parking garage, and while it was honestly just a way to buy him and Brayden some time, that was all they needed at that moment.

Not having to worry about being killed every second of every day should allow them time to think about what they can do now that they can't move product.

They're in a weird position now because nothing's changed, and everything has changed at the same time.

Noma & Obi Work - PG0401 - I Don't Die Easy - Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Episode 1

They're "safe," as Tariq bought them some time, but how do they make money now? Do they just go back to school and do what exactly?

Noma didn't kill them that night, but she's still after them, and they recognize that the second she's able, she'll take her shot again to rid herself of the threat they pose to her.

Might this be where Anya comes in again?

Tariq must find a way to get Noma to stand down entirely or force her attention elsewhere.

He bought himself some time and better use it to figure out a plan because he's walking around New York City on borrowed time right now.

And he doesn't even know about this Detective Carter, who showed up with pretty eyes and a scowl, in confession no less, and quickly pledged his services to a crestfallen Paz.

Tariq Comes Prepared - Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10

The bounty may have been lifted, but the block is still HOT.

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Cane and Effie's squabbling and the subsequent makeout were perfectly on-brand for them. But Cane will get himself in trouble if he truly falls for Effie because she's all over the place. Warning Tariq? She's still carrying a torch for her old boo.

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  • This new version of Dru has potential. He wanted Diana to smother her mother in the hospital! Practically threw her out on the street to get an Uber! If he keeps this same energy all season, he could be a problem.
  • Tariq saving the day for Brayden and Becca was sweet because he was kind of rude to Brayden before that, considering everything Brayden had just done for him.
  • Did we miss Brayden and Tariq at the gun range? Because they looked mighty comfortable gearing up for their SWAT mission.
Covering His Tracks - Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 9
  • I feel bad for Paz. She watched Angela throw her life away, and Junior's ambition got the best of him. Will she wind up having the saddest story in Power history when all is said and done?
  • Now, who is Denise? I'm no Power historian, but I had trouble remembering a Denise who was murdered at some point across all the series. Does anyone know who she may be?

We are so back!

This was a solid premiere, especially knowing this season will be its last.

If anything, it got me seriously pumped for what's to come because I have to imagine it's only going to get better!

Let me know in the comments what you thought about the hour and what you're hoping to see this season.

I Don't Die Easy Review

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Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Brayden: Look, we're outmanned and we're outgunned.
Tariq: That's why we gotta outthink them.

Listen to me. An hour ago, I had everything set for me, alright. Life. School. My family was away safely. I'm not letting nobody take that shit from me, B.

Tariq [to Brayden]