Adam Ruzek is an officer who was recruited right out of the academy by Al Olinsky and into the Intelligence Unit.

He comes from a long line of police officers, which often colors his approach to policing. He's known to be an impulsive hothead who has slowly learned to mellow out, in part because of the paternal role he takes on with on-and-off again fiancee/girlfriend and fellow unit member Kim Burgess' adopted daughter, Mack.

He's evolved into a family man and one of the most loyal to-fault members of Voight's team.

Adam Ruzek Quotes

Kim: I've got you.
Adam: Of course.

Voight: Whatever is going on in your head because you got shot--
Ruzek: I don't have PTSD. It's the job, I miss the job.

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But I wanted it. Wanted to be something different than what I was, knew I could. See, I don't people have to end up anywhere near where they started.


Yo, Al, don't you got some sort of beef with Father McSorley?