Adrian Boykewich is sort of like the town bicycle. Her mother isn't home very often because she is a flight attendant, and her dad is just starting to become more involved in her life, after being absent from her childhood. Because she never really received the attention that most children get, Adrian just wants to feel wanted and loved. She has a casual relationship with Ricky, but wants to turn it into something more serious. She decides to stop sleeping with other guys, but Ricky doesn't want to stop sleeping with other girls. After finding out about Ricky's kiss with Amy, Adrian sleeps with Ben. She becomes pregnant with Ben's baby, and they both later realize that they have feelings for one another. The friendship ring Ben had previously given her becomes an engagement ring, and the two move in together. However, their child is born as a stillborn.

Adrian Lee Boykewich Quotes

A tough girl like me doesn't know how to be hurt.


I loved being pregnant.

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