Anne Juergens is Amy, Ashley, and Robert's mother. Her husband, George was cheating on her with Adrian's mom, which lead to their divorce. She later starts dating her boss, David, and gets engaged to him; then she finds out that she is pregnant. She is positive that the baby is David's, until she finds out that George lied about his vasectomy. Because of this, she calls off her engagement, and is about to remarry George, until she sees papers that he does not want to remarry her and is still cheating.

Anne Juergens Quotes

Anne: Your sister's not gay.
Ashley: Oh I know, but I also know she's not going to marry Ricky.

What says I don't really wanna be married, but I had a baby in high school, so I got married, and now we're getting married again because my mother wants me to even though she's gay and can't find a date?

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