Bradley "Brad" Carlton (born George Kaplan) is a character on The Young and the Restless. Actor Don Diamont has played the role since 1985 (he departed the show in 1996, then returned in 1998). Diamont was temporarily replaced by Russell Todd in 1993.


* Executive at Newman Enterprises Granville Global
* Board Member of Newman Enterprises
* Formerly Executive at Jabot Cosmetics
* Formerly CEO of Jabot Cosmetics (temporarily)
* Formerly Abbott Gardiner


* Lisa Manfield (annulled)
* Traci Abbott (divorced)
* Cassandra Hall Rawlins (dissolved by her death)
* Traci Abbott (divorced)
* Ashley Abbott (divorced)
* Victoria Newman (Getting Divorced)

Flings & Affairs

* Lauren Fenmore
* Jill Abbott
* Nikki Newman
* Sharon Newman
* Diane Jenkins
* Olivia Winters


* Colleen Carlton (Daughter, with Traci Abbott Connelly)
* Abigail "Abby" Carlton (Adopted Daughter, with Ashley Abbott)
* Robert Carlton (Son, with Ashley Abbott, stillborn)