Bradford Meade is the publishing mogul behind Meade Publications.  After the death of Mode's Editor in Chief and his former mistress, Fey Sommers, he chose his youngest son, Daniel, to helm the magazine as editor.  He also was responsible for hiring Betty as Daniel's assistant, beliving her to be someone his playboy son would never sleep with.

One of Daniel's struggles is that Bradford has always preferred his older son, Alex, who died during a skiing accident.

Bradford Meade Quotes

Bradford: You're bombed aren't you?
Claire: It's just a little cough medicine... cough.. cough

Wilhelmina: He ran through his trust fund in three years. for his 26th birthday, he tried to buy an island and JLo
Bradford: Shakria

Ugly Betty Quotes

Christina has to empty the closet, she has to make room for the spring collection. You really should take a trip down there Betty, they might have a pair of socks your size


Marc: I'm not going stag, hag
Amanda: You'll have to buy your own beer, queer