Claire Meade is the mother of Daniel and Alexis and the ex-wife of deceased publishing mogul Bradford Meade.  Claire is a recovering alcoholic and murdered Meade's former lover.

Claire Meade Quotes

Claire: You do know I'm ordering the Veal Marsala and it's made with wine
Daniel: And the alcohol burns off
Claire: Then give me back the glass and set fire to me when I'm done

Alexis: I accidentally opened up a piece of Daniel's mail
Claire: Darling, given what we're dealing with I think Daniel is going to overlook that
Alexis: No he won't, it was a paternity test
Clarie: I don't understand
Alexis: Daniel isn't Daniel Jr's father... I am

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Ugly Betty Quotes

Okay, maybe I do escape to the movies a little more often than I should. But this is your movie, Betty! This is your chance for the happy ending you've always wanted! Now go home and put on some totally cute top and run a brush through that hair, or maybe a hat! And go and stop that plane! You're Drew Barrymore!


But Willy, I can't live without you.