Claire Saunders is the resident physician at the Dollhouse. Medical attention is often needed her.

The doctor examines the Actives post-mission, as their health and well-being weigh heavily on her conscience. Dr. Saunders might be the dolls' greatest ally inside the unit.

Claire Saunders Quotes

Dr. Saunders: It's possible one good sneeze could bring on a seizure.
Topher: Or even worse, a sneezure.

Adelle: If you're amenable to the terms of your contract you will be assigned to Echo, one of our most requested Actives.
Boyd: What happened to her last handler?
Dr. Saunders: You're standing in him.

Dollhouse Quotes

If you have everything, you want something else. Something more extreme. Something more specific. Something perfect.

Paul Ballard

You ever try to clean an actual slate? You always see what was on it before.