Colton Landry is the late husband of Del Landry and father to Kat and Jacob.

Actor Jefferson Brown plays Colton in The Hallmark Channel series The Way Home.


Colton Landry Quotes

Don’t waste any time kid because it’s never guaranteed.

Colton [to Elliot]

Colton: What's going on, Dellie?
Del: I'm feeling like an imposter again. How can I call myself a Landry when my Landry is gone? And his land might be, too. I feel like I'm letting you down. You would not be proud of me.
Colton: I am proud of you every day. Look at you, what you've done. You've rebuilt our family. You did that. You brought out daughter home and our incredible granddaughter.
Del: She is amazing, isn't she?
Colton: Yes, she is. She reminds me of you. You have everything to be proud of and so much more.

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