Dermott Fictel is a punk teenage neighbor on The Venture Bros.  He is a bit of a compulsive liar and claims to be the illegitimate son of Brock Samson.  He also hangs out with Hank and was once beat up by Dean.  Pretty funny.

Dermott Quotes

You think being grounded is bad? Try prison. That's like being grounded for life. And instead of chores... butt sex


Dermott: Why do you think they used to call me "the Wolf?"
Hank: Nobody calls you that.
Dermott: Well, they did back in my old neighborhood. When they weren't calling me "psycho." There was actually a war between two gangs over which nickname to call me. Both gangs won

Venture Bros. Quotes

Hank: You are not the boss of me
Sgt Hatred: Au contraire, I am tony danza to your spunky Alyssa Milano. I am full on Charles In Charge of you

Hank: Is it just me or does every Nazi want to clone Hitler? It's like the only they think about
Srgt. Hatred: It seems that way, right. I guess when everyone hates you, you just fixate on making rotten Hitlers