Dwight Hendricks is a detective with great gut instincts. His father was also a cop, but was killed while working. He has a great singing voice and loves to sing the blues. Now that he is divorced, he is ready to get back into the dating game once again!

Dwight Hendricks Quotes

Well, well,well, Elvis is in the building, what about that...

Dwight[ about the movie reels]

I appreciate you trying to put a front porch on this, but I'd like to get to why you're here.


Memphis Beat Quotes

See, there's that attitude again. You don't belong in my department. If that means getting you promoted to do that, that's what I'm gonna do.

Lt. Rice [To Det. White]

Splitting Dwight and I up is about as stupid as a three-legged mule in a horse race.

Det. White