Doctor Elliot Reid is a former attending physician alongside J.D. and Turk at Sacred Heart in Scrubs and is played by Sarah Chalke.  Elliot is very close with J.D. and has an off-and-on again relationship with J.D. throughout the series.  She has also dated several other characters including Sacred Heart doctor Keith Dudemesiter, to who she was engaged to and later broke off the engagement.

Elliot later went into private practice where she was able to make much more money, but still work at Sacred Heart but no longer have to respond to Dr. Cox or Dr. Kelso.

Elliot is extremely insecure and very socially awkward.  She, though is attractive, and slowly becoming more confident throughout the seasons.

Elliot Reid Quotes

J.D.'s Narration: I think everyone's finally coming around to my way of thinking about Nick.
Carla: You're right, he definitely has a cute little butt.
Elliot: Oh, it's almost like it's been sculpted.
J.D.: Who cares? Everybody's got a cute butt; I have a cute butt.
Carla: You should bring it in someday

Jake: Hey, Elliot.
Elliot: Mm.
Jake: So that girl's kinda cute, what's her story?
J.D.: She's a dude.
Jake: Nuh-uh.
J.D.: Gotta look at the Adam's apple, buddy.

Scrubs Quotes

I'm narcissitic, I'm pessimistic, I'm obsessive, I'm insecure, and I am so afraid of intimacy that every one of my relationships is a journey of self sabatoge that inevitably end in a black vacuum of shattered expectations and despair.


Doug wanted me to give this patient five hundred thousand milligrams of morphine. I thought I'd check with you before I kill a man.