Erica Kane is Pine Valley's homegrown hell raiser. Her exploits, antics, romances and rivalries are legendary. A force to be reckoned with, deep down, Erica is as insecure as everyone else. Having been abandoned by her father at an early age, Erica's mother Mona raised her with love, but the desertion by her father has always been a source of great insecurity in this diva's life...

Husband: Jackson Montgomery
Children: Kendall Hart (by means of a rape by Richard Fields), Bianca Montgomery (with Travis Montgomery), Josh Madden (with Jeff Martin)
Stepchildren: Greenlee Lavery, Reggie Montgomery, Lily Montgomery
Mother: Mona Kane Tyler (deceased)
Father: Eric Kane (deceased)
Siblings: Silver Kane (half-sister; deceased), Mark Dalton (half-brother)
Niece: Julie Rand
Son-in-law: Zach Slater
Sister-in-law: Ellen Dalton
Significant Romantic Relationships: Chuck Tyler, Jeff Martin (1st husband/divorced), Jason Maxwell, Phil Brent (2nd husband/divorced), Lincoln Tyler, Nick Davis, Tom Cudahy (3rd husband/divorced), Brandon Kingsley, Kent Bogard, Adam Chandler (4th and 7th husband/divorced), Mike Roy (invalid marriage), Jeremy Hunter, Travis Montgomery (5th and 6th husband/divorced), Steven Andrews, Jackson Montgomery (10th husband), Charlie Brent, Dimitri Marick (8th and 9th husband/divorced), David Hayward, Chris Stamp

Erica Kane Quotes

You Bastard. You leave her alone. You're so afraid of me that you attack a child? You raped my little girl. This man is a rapist. He raped my daughter. He violated her. You think I give a damn about my company? You Bastard.

Erica Kane

Erica Kane: This Trey Shepherd is as cold and as ruthless as they come.
Greenlee Smythe Lavery: It's about time someone's got in his way.
Erica Kane: Made him pay for all the damage he's done.
Greenlee Smythe Lavery: A nice long stretch behind bars.
Erica: No time off for good behavior.
Greenlee Smythe Lavery: And a bunkmate, named Bubba, who wants to be his special friend.

All My Children Quotes

Ryan Lavery: You want to tell me what the hell you were trying to pull out there?
Kendall Hart Cambias: Did you see Babe? Did you just see what she did? She has the nerve to offer a consolation prize, honorary mommy? What the hell is that? I mean, what could Bianca possibly do with that? Sit and watch Babe be the mother that Bianca will never get to be? It's stupid. It reeks.
Ryan Lavery: Babe was just trying to help.
Kendall Hart Cambias: No, Babe was trying to cover her own butt and make herself look good. She was trying to show what a big heart she has so no one will know what a liar she really is.
Ryan Lavery: What? Where do you get this stuff?
Kendall Hart Cambias: Oh, please don't tell me you can't see it, Ryan, come on. Babe is all about playing the bimbo matriarch of the Chandler clan. When really she a selfish, lying, stupid little bitch.

Erica Kane: You slept with Ryan's brother before you stole the company out from under him?
Kendall Hart Cambias: No, no, I didn't steal it, I didn't steal it. Adam and J.R. did. Ok, but here's the kicker - Ryan tried to convince me earlier today that he's completely over me for good, which, of course, that can't be. I mean, it's impossible, and we are going to prove that. And you know what's so great about you and I doing this together is that you hate Greenlee just as much as I do, so it's perfect! Plus, mother, you are the queen of creativity. You're so creative. I mean, the truth is i'm running out of ideas, but the two of us putting our heads together could be so amazing!
Erica Kane: Kendall, you have to stop. You're talking like a crazy person.