Fez was the foreign exchange student on That 70's Show that's been a member of the gang since the beginning.  No one really knows where Fez is from or what his real name is.  All we know is he's kind of creepy, yet still lovable.

Fez Quotes

Kelso: Jackie's good for gas money.
Eric: You are such a whore.
Fez: When does the boat get here, whore?

I might not say this right because I am new to English, but she has tremendous breasts, yes?


That 70's Show Quotes

Kitty (to Eric): Foreplay is very important.
Red: Oh, no it's not.
Kitty (to Red): Yes, it is.

Eric: If my dad catches me copping beers he'll kill me.
Hyde: I'm willing to take that risk.