Frank is the doorman at the Chicago apartment building where Samantha used to live.

Until Sam's accident, she and her dooman had never had a conversation. Not once. Now, Samantha relies upon him as an important link to her past. And, fortunately for viewers, Frank holds little back.

Frank Quotes

Samantha: Hey, hey, Frank? I'm not really sure about this outfit. You know me, is this me?
Doorman Frank: Yes, it is.
Samantha: You didn't look.
Frank (after glancing at Samantha): It's an improvement over the usual, I'd say.
Samantha: Really? Wow.
Frank: Coco Chanel said that to avoid over-accessorizing, women should look in the mirror and remove one thing. With you, it was often your dignity.
Samantha: Oh. Thank you for... your honesty. Hey, should I get a boob job?
Frank: We are not friends.
Samantha: Right.

Frank: And... how are you today?
Samantha: How am I? I'm virgin, that's how I am!
Frank: Yes madam... and I'm a pirate! Shall I call you a cab?

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Samantha Who? Quotes

Sam: Couple of good things about being in a coma: no fattening food, lots of rest, they sponge you down every day. It's like a spa. Bad things: my nose itches, I have something called the "Pina Colada Song" stuck in my head, and, oh yeah, sometimes I can hear what people in my room are saying.

Sam: Good things about amnesia: all new clothes, no re-runs. Bad: every minute is like that dream where you haven't been to class all year, and the test is now.