Grace Bowman is the head cheerleader. She used to be very Christian, but then pushed away her parents beliefs when she was dating Jack and had sex with him. She finds out afterwards that while she was losing her virginity, he father died in a plane crashed. She puts a lot of guilt on herself about this because she feels that the plane crash was her punishment for having sex before marriage.

She later dates Grant. They want to sleep together, but Grant wants Grace to get tested for STDs because she has had sex with Jack, who had sexual relations with Adrian, who had sex with Ricky who gets around. Jack then tells Grace that it is a good idea to get tested because he found out that he had a treatable STD. Grant and Grace decide to hold off sex for now.

Grace Kathleen Bowman Quotes

Grace: She must be heartbroken.
Amy: No she must be angry.

I am like Betty...the old Betty.

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