Julie Taylor is the daughter of Eric and Tami Taylor. She attends Dillon High School (as a sophomore in the 2006-2007 season).

Julie has admitted that she hates football and football players, although she soon became close friends with quarterback Matt Saracen, who began to develop a huge crush on her.

After talking more and more to Matt, she agreed to go on a date with him and is now, officially, his girlfriend. Their relationship progressed, at first, rather quickly. Julie was dead set on having sex with Matt one night in mid-season, but in the end, heeded her parents warnings and decided to wait. He was understanding and they have gotten even closer since.

Julie also began to develop a strong friendship with Tyra Collete, an older girl with a bit of a rebellious streak. This was a friendship that her mom vehemently disapproved of, going so far as to forbid her from being around Tyra.

Tami Taylor blamed Tyra (and, to a degree, Matt), for the rebellion that Julie began showing when their friendship first started, but eventually backed down somewhat and became a mentor to Tyra and relaxed a bit when dealing with Julie's personal life, despite her deep concern.

Julie and her dad, while close, are slightly more at odds. This was not helped by the fact that Julie does not want to move to Austin, as she finally felt at home in Dillon, after moving from town to town all her life thanks to his football career.

Julie will now be staying in Dillon with her mother, while her father goes to Austin, alone. At least that's how it's shaping up for now ...

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Moby Dick is actually the perfect metaphor for this town. The cold black sea representing the season in all its uncertainties. The magical white whale is the Holy Grail.


Dude, you need to chill out, I'm not ESPN.

Julie Taylor
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Maybe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


I'm a high school football coach, I don't think there's any better position to be able to judge the content of a young man's character than that.

Coach Taylor

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