Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder is a resident of Oakdale on the TV soap opera, As the World Turns. She is portrayed by Martha Byrne, as she has from 1985 to present.


* Josh Snyder (Biological Father)
* Iva Snyder Benedict (Biological Mother)
* Martin Guest (Adoptive Father, deceased)
* Lucinda Walsh (Adoptive Mother)
* Jason Benedict (Step-Father)


* Rose D'Angelo (biological sister; twin, deceased)
* Matthew John "M.J." Dixon (biological maternal half-brother)
* Sierra Estaban (adoptive maternal half-sister)
* Bianca Walsh (adoptive maternal half-sister)

Nephews & nieces

* Jade Taylor (biological niece; daughter of Rose - given up for adoption)
* Bryant Montgomery (adoptive maternal half-nephew; deceased; son of Sierra & ex-husband, Craig Montgomery)
* Lucy Montgomery (adoptive maternal half-niece; daughter of Sierra & Craig)

Marital status

* Holden Snyder (Married; second time)

Past marriages

* Derek Mason (dissolved by his death)
* Holden Snyder (divorced)
* Damian Grimaldi (divorced)
* Diego Santana (dissolved by his death)


* Luciano "Luke" Snyder (Son, with Damian Grimbali, adopted by Holden Snyder)
* Faith Snyder (Daughter, with Holden Snyder)
* Natalie Snyder (Daughter, with Holden Snyder)
* Ethan Snyder (Son, with Holden Snyder; born 2006)


* Abigail Williams (stepdaughter/adoptive maternal cousin; daughter of Holden and Molly Conlan McKinnon - given up for adoption)
* Aaron Snyder (stepson/adoptive maternal cousin; son of Holden and Julie Wendall Snyder)

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As the World Turns Quotes

Noah: You know if I do stay here, I do have one condition
Luke: Oh yeah? Whats that?
Noah: You better not hog all the covers.

Noah: Do you just not like me?
Luke: No, I like you Noah.
Noah: Then why do you keep pushing me away?
Luke: Because...I like you Noah.
Noah looks surprised.
Luke: Yeah, like that.