Dr. Marlena Evans (born October 7, 1956) is a character on Days of Our Lives. Deidre Hall, the only actress to play Marlena, has done so from 1976-1987 and 1991-present.

Through the course of her existence on the program, Marlena has experienced what some consider to be the most outrageous circumstances of any character in soap opera history.

This list includes, but is not limited to, possession by the devil, a fall from a 30th-story-window (which she survived), being used as a surrogate mother for genetically engineered babies during a (four-year) coma, being hypnotized to believe she was a serial killer, and falling down stairs, which led to a miscarriage - and hysterical amnesia. She has also been kidnapped numerous times in the past 30 years.


  • Frank Evans (Father)
  • Martha Evans (Mother)


  • Samantha Evans (Sister, deceased)

Marital Status

  • John Black, 12/2006-

Past Marriage(s)

  • Alex North (Dissolved)
  • Donald "Don" Craig Sr. (Divorced)
  • Roman Brady (Divorced)
  • Eugene Bradford (Invalid)
  • John Black (Invalid; first time)
  • John Black (Invalid; second time)


  • Donald "DJ" Craig Jr. (with Donald "Don" Craig Sr., deceased)
  • Eric Brady II (with Roman Brady; twin)
  • Samantha "Sami" Brady Roberts (with Roman Brady; twin)
  • Isabella "Belle" Black (with John Black)

Marlena Evans Quotes

Eric, and Brady and I are all suffering because of your arrogance and your stupidity in bringing that evil bitch back into our lives.


Nicole: Thanks for jumping in there, Mar.
Marlena: Don't call me Mar.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

Nicole: [walking through house in towel] I know I left my flip flops in here somewhere.
Scooter: [whistles] Looking for these?
Nicole: Get out of here!
Scooter: Oh come on, Misty baby. I just came over here to borrow a cup of sugar.
Nicole: Don't call me that.
Scooter: You're all the sugar that I need. Bridgette, I saw Freddie leave with the kids. It's just the two of us. ANd I love what you're wearing.
Nicole: I told you, I am so not interested.
Scooter: Don't worry about anyone finding out. It'll just be our little secret.
Nicole: Like hell!
Scooter: You say one word to the wife and I'll blow the whistle on who you used to be.
Nicole: You know, I was forced into porn, okay, and that was like, 20 years ago. My husband understands. No one else is gonna care.
Scooter: Oh, I'm not talkin' about Misty Circle, porno queen. I'm talkin' about Nicole Walker. Kidnapper, fugitive from justice. Yep, that's right. I know your real secret.

You of all people should know a lie when you hear one.