Samantha Gene Roberts (neé Brady, formerly Reed and Walker, born October 16, 1977) is a character on Days of Our Lives.

Since early 1993, the role of Sami has been played by Alison Sweeney. On Days of Our Lives, Sami has come to epitomize the "soap bitch" through her scheming and lying temperament.

Indeed, for most of her time on the show, she has been showcased as the primary female schemer. She loves E.J. Wells and fans all know she does, but she is too stubborn to admit it.


* Roman Brady (Father)
* Marlena Evans Black (Mother)
* John Black (Stepfather)


* Caroline "Carrie" Brady Reed (Paternal Half-Sister)
* Donald "DJ" Craig Jr. (Maternal Half-Brother, deceased)
* Eric Brady II (Brother; twin)
* Cassie Brady (Paternal Half-Sister)
* Rex Brady (Paternal Half-Brother)
* Isabella "Belle" Black (Maternal Half-Sister)
* Brady Black (Step-Brother)

Martial status

* Lucas Roberts (Married, 05/09/2007-present)

Past marriage(s)

* Austin Reed (Annulled)
* Brandon Walker (Annulled)


* William "Will" Roberts (Son, with Lucas Roberts)

Sami Brady Quotes

Sami Brady: [to Kate] I have a friend who is keeping an eye on Victor and Nicole for me.
Kate Roberts: You have a friend?

Sami Brady: You are insane.
EJ Wells: No, my dear. I'm a DiMera.