Todd Manning is the illegitimate son of Victor Lord and his longtime mistress, Irene Clayton. Newborn Todd was adopted by Peter and Barbara Manning, Irene's brother and sister-in-law. Barbara left her family when Todd was nine, leaving her son to be raised by the abusive Peter...

Children: Starr Manning (with Blair Cramer), Jack Manning (with Blair Cramer), Tommy McBain (with Margaret Cochran)
Mothers: Irene Manning Clayton (biological; deceased), Barbara Manning (adoptive)
Fathers: Victor Lord (biological; deceased), Peter Manning (adoptive; deceased)
Siblings: Viki Davidson (half-sister), Tina Clayton Lord, Tony Lord (half-brother; deceased), Meredith Lord Wolek (half-sister; deceased)
Nieces: Jessica Buchanan, Natalie Vega, Megan Gordon (deceased), Sarah "Flash" Roberts
Nephews: Kevin Buchanan, Joey Buchanan, CJ Roberts, Danny Wolek, Brian Kendall (deceased)
Aunts: Gwendolyn Lord
Uncles: Powell Lord (deceased), Peter Manning (deceased)
Cousins: Powell Lord II, Richard Abbott
Significant Romantic Relationships: Blair Cramer (1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th wife/annulled), Tea Delgado (3rd wife/divorced)

One Life To Live Quotes

Antonio: What would you call that, Jessica?
Jessica: Doing what I have to do. Mitch has hurt my family in every way possible and I want to make sure that not only does he pay, that he never hurts my family again.
Antonio: Oh yeah? Well, not tonight you're not.

Natalie: Everything's going to be fine, guys. Just - just do what he says.
Flash: How can you be so calm?
Natalie: I don't know if I am calm, okay? I just - I've been through worse.
Flash: Yeah? Like what?
Natalie: Oh, like being strapped to a table and your grandfather ready to cut your heart out.
Flash: Oh. Yeah, you got me beat, then. Never mind