Sorry, Gossip Girl fanatics, but we regretfully must inform you that we have shut down the Gossip Girl forum here at TV Fanatic.

We know so many of you have been with us since our days at Gossip Girl Insider and please know this was not an easy choice.

Unfortunately, given our limited resources, we could not handle fighting off the spammers that were dominating much of the forums. It's not you, it's them. For real.

Their links and their photos and their spam have placed us in trouble with Google and TV Fanatic will cease to exist at this pace. We apologize.

We hope you will continue to follow all things Gossip Girl at TV Fanatic, especially as we go through old seasons in our Gossip Girl re-watch reviews.

It's a great place to keep discussing our favorite shows in the comments. And as always, check out our directory of episodes to watch Gossip Girl online to keep up with our re-watch. We'll never stop covering this beloved drama!

And we'll never stop appreciating all of those who have stuck with us through the years. Thank you very, very, very, VERY much.