Sorry Once Upon a Time fanatics. We've officially shut down the Once Upon a Time forum.

Once upon a time, forums were a fantastic place to bring together fanatical viewers to share their thoughts about their favorite shows. 

There is always a villain, though, right? In this case, it's spam. Whether the determined individuals who refuse to give up or actual bots that post and run, we found we cannot get a handle on the situation and that's not fair to you.

You're amazing and we love you. You're loyalty to our site means so much. You deserve that happy ending. 

This fairytale does deliver a happy ending, even if it's in a different spot than the rest of the story. All of our posts now feature threaded comments and they can get quite lively. We urge you to take your discussions to the main site and breathe the same life into it that you did the forum.

We have so much information already available on Once Upon a Time Season 4 that you should be able to find just about anything to discuss. You'll also be notified of new discussions.

Join together over there, have fun and remember -- you mean the world to us. Thank you!

If you ever miss any installments, you can always watch Once Upon a Time online, as well.