Sorry Suits fanatics, we've shut down the Suits forums.

Honestly, if we could hire the attorneys at Pearson/Specter to shut down the spambots that have overrun the forums and taken away from the fun of it all, we would do that (and how awesome would that be?!).

However, we cannot hire them and even doing do if we aren't constantly moderating the forums we will again be overrun. They'll always find a loophole.

Where they can't find a loophole is on Disqus. Thankfully we are driving excellent conversations on posts at the main site and you can participate in those at length, even being notified of new discussions popping up on the topic.

We love you guys, our loyal readers. We want you treated with the respect you deserve and we know spam doesn't cut it. We hope you'll peruse the Suits content and find a spot to slip into the conversation.

This may not be an easy transition and if you have any concerns at all, please contact us at webmaster at tv fanatic dot com and we'll try to provide answers.

We hope to see you in conversations soon. In the meantime, you can watch Suits online to catch up with the latest antics at Pearson/Specter.