Helping Our Veterans - Grey's Anatomy
Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 3
"Got to Be Real"
Original Air Date:

Meredith realized that Maggie really is her sister on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 3. Find out Maggie reacts when Richard comes clean to her.

How to Get Away with Murder Class Season 1 Episode 3
Watch How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 3
"Smile or Go to Jail"
Original Air Date:

Annalise and her students fight to prove a soccer mom was brainwashed into commiting a felony, while Annalise also grapples with whether or not she wants to take on Lila's boyfriend as a client in How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Episode 3.

The King and Queen Confer - Reign
Watch Reign Season 2 Episode 2
"Drawn and Quartered"
Original Air Date:

On Reign, Mary suffers consequences for her actions as a result of what she did to Narcisse as punishment. His father, Lord Narcisse, comes to the castle demanding vengeance.

Who She Can Count On - Bad Judge
Watch Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 2
"Meteor Shower"
Original Air Date:

The Judge tries to hide her feelings for Garry when he blows their plans off and informs her that he is going out to a club with another woman on Bad Judge.

Lost in Thought - The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 2
Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 2
"Yellow Ledbetter"
Original Air Date:

Elena turns to Alaric on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 2, as she's desperate to erase memories of Damon. Elsewhere Caroline teams up with Enzo to pick up where Stefan left off on the search.

Surprising Evidence - Gracepoint
Watch Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 2
"Episode 2"
Original Air Date:

Detectives uncover some surprising evidence in daughter Chloe's room leaving more questions than answers on Gracepoint.

Working Out His Feelings - A to Z
Watch A to Z Season 1 Episode 2
"B Is for Big Glory"
Original Air Date:

After Andrew and Zelda's first date on A to Z, Andrew has another date with a co-worker making Zelda jealous, who tries to also find a date.

Leah on Teen Mom 2
Watch Teen Mom Season 5 Episode 29
"Season 5B Finale Special - Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 1"
Original Air Date:

Dr. Drew sits down with the Teen Mom 2 cast for this special reunion special. We learned a lot about the young women in this finale of Season 5.

Sarah and Len - Transparent
Watch Transparent Season 1 Episode 9
"Looking Up"
Original Air Date:

On Transparent, Maura spends time with ex-wife Shelley. Sarah spends time with her ex-husband and begins to question their breakup. Raquel and Josh continue to spend time together.

The Incident - The League
Watch The League Season 6 Episode 6
"Breast Awareness Month"
Original Air Date:

Kevin has an incident with his doctor on The League Season 6 Episode 6. Meanwhile, Taco starts a charity on this installment of the comedy.