Taped Victim
Watch Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 6
"The Apprenticeship"
Original Air Date:

On Criminal Minds, the team heads to Miami to investigate the strange death of a prostitute.

The Firehouse Reacts
Watch Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 5
"Hanging On"
Original Air Date:

On Chicago Fire, Severide has a problem with his arm during a rescue and turns to an ex-lover for help while Casey goes up against Detective Voight and suffers the consequences.

Guest on the Island
Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

Oliver gets arrested on this episode of Arrow. We also meet Deathstroke.

Teddy's Campaign's in Jeopardy
Watch Nashville Season 1 Episode 5
"Move It On Over"
Original Air Date:

On Nashville, Deacon hopes to draw some boundaries in his relationship with Rayna as he also helps her deal with Jolene's substance abuse issues.

Franka Potente on American Horror Story
Watch American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 4
"I Am Anne Frank, Pt. 1"
Original Air Date:

We meet a new patient on this episode of American Horror Story, while Jude has more suspicions about Dr. Arden.

A Scary Asset
Watch Covert Affairs Season 3 Episode 14
"Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)"
Original Air Date:

When an asset disappears from protective custody, Annie and Eyal must find him on Covert Affairs.

Getting Close to Clay
Watch Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 9
"Andare Pescare"
Original Air Date:

Jax must overcome obstacles in his search for the truth on this week's installment of Sons of Anarchy.

Charlie & Miles Disagree
Watch Revolution Season 1 Episode 7
"The Children's Crusade"
Original Air Date:

On Revolution, Miles and Charlie disagree over stopping to help a boy and his friends. Rachel comes across someone from her past.

The Team Goes Sci-fi
Watch Castle Season 5 Episode 6
"The Final Frontier"
Original Air Date:

Castle and Beckett find themselves investigating a murder at a sci-fi convention which has them dealing with crazy costumed fans and egotistical celebrities on this episode of Castle.

McGarrett's Halloween Investigation
Watch Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

On Hawaii Five-0, McGarrett and the team must stop a ritualistic killer from striking again on Halloween.