Star-Crossed Premiere Pic
Watch Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

Aliens get integrated into high school on the premiere of Star-Crossed. But it doesn't go so well.

Worth the Trouble
Watch Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 18
"Celebration Countdown"
Original Air Date:

Kody and the wives wonder if the commitment ceremony will go off with something goes wrong at the rehearsal on Sister Wives.

NeNe's Not Happy
Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 15
"Dropping the Ball"
Original Air Date:

Kenya throws a masquerade ball where NeNe is the guest of honor, if she attends on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Daryl at a Fire
Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

The survivors aim for stabilty and safety on this episode of The Walking Dead. But they face challenges along the way.

Molesley and Baxter
Watch Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 7
Original Air Date:

Mary has her hands in the business of many Downton residents as she's concerned over the welfare of Rose, Anna and her own love life.

Lena Dunham Picture
Watch Girls Season 3 Episode 7
"Beach House"
Original Air Date:

Marnie invites the girls to a beach weekend in the Northfork. Things get heated when the girls have a few drinks.

Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher
Watch Shameless Season 4 Episode 6
"Iron City"
Original Air Date:

Frank gets some sobering news on this episode of Shameless. Fiona? She's in jail.

Brendan and Morgan's Future
Watch #RichKids of Beverly Hills Season 1 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

After being cut off financially, Roxy looks for a job decorating Dorothy multi-million dollar home on #RichKids of Beverly Hills.

Cohle Continues the Search
Watch True Detective Season 1 Episode 5
"The Secret Fate of All Life"
Original Air Date:

Hart and Cohle share the glory of a solved case on the latest True Detective.

Keeping Kanye's Secret
Watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 5
"A Surprise Engagement Part 2"
Original Air Date:

The family gathers in San Francisco to surprise Kim on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.