Who Will Take Mom? - Roseanne
Watch Roseanne Season 10 Episode 6
"No Country for Old Women"
Original Air Date:

On Roseanne Season 10 Episode 6, Darlene defends Mark's creative choices to Dan, while Roseanne and Jackie must decide who will take in Beverly.

Happy Times - Little People, Big World
Watch Little People, Big World Season 13 Episode 5
"Trying Not to Freak Out"
Original Air Date:

On Little People, Big World Season 13 Episode 5, Audrey's due date passed, and she had to play a stressful waiting game.

A Large Sum of Money - New Girl
Watch New Girl Season 7 Episode 4
"Where the Road Goes"
Original Air Date:

On New Girl Season 7 Episode 4, Jess discovers Coach owes Nick a large sum of money, as the gang gathers for a memorial service for a beloved friend.

The Future of the Bunker - The 100
Watch The 100 Season 5 Episode 2
"Red Queen"
Original Air Date:

On The 100 Season 5 Episode 2, Octavia is forced to take guidance from an unlikely ally when the future of the bunker and all those inside it is jeopardized.

Chloe's Party - Lucifer
Watch Lucifer Season 3 Episode 22
"All Hands on Decker"
Original Air Date:

On Lucifer Season 3 Episode 22, Lucifer must work with Dan on a murder case involving a dog show when Chloe takes some time off and rethinks a life changing decision.

Deciding Jax's Fate - Vanderpump Rules
Watch Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Episode 21
"Welcome to Tomtom"
Original Air Date:

On Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Episode 21, Lisa must decide Jax's future at SUR, while Sandoval and Schwartz give their friends a sneak peek at TomTom.

Lena and Sam - Supergirl
Watch Supergirl Season 3 Episode 16
"Of Two Minds"
Original Air Date:

On Supergirl Season 3 Episode 16, Supergirl and Imra must work together to stop the thrid Worldkiller, but which one of them had the best plan?

Crash Victim - The Resident Season 1 Episode 12
Watch The Resident Season 1 Episode 12
"Rude Awakenings and the Raptor"
Original Air Date:

Conrad and Devon work to save the life of a fellow doctor who fell through a skylight while trying to figure out how and why it happened. Mina is tasked with showing Chastain's new star cardiothoracic surgeon around the hospital. Meanwhile, Nic finds renewed enthusiasm when she uncovers an oncologist who used to work with Lane, but while paying him a visit, she fears that she's being followed.

No Money For a Kidney - Good Girls
Watch Good Girls Season 1 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

On Good Girls Season 1 Episode 10, the ladies come up with a last minute plan to get Ruby the money needed for Sara's kidney, while also trying to bring Rio down.

Rapper Delight - iZombie Season 4 Episode 9
Watch iZombie Season 4 Episode 9
Original Air Date:

There’s a zombie serial killer on the loose and new Seattle is on lockdown. Liv is trapped in the morgue on white rapper brain and Clive and Ravi are playing Dungeons & Dragons. Meanwhile, Blaine concocts his most sinister plan to date. Lastly, Major is on the hunt for the killer.