Michael Scott and Holly Flax
Watch Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 6
"Trust, Lust, and Must"
Original Air Date:

Episode 6 introduces us to a new love interest for Daniel, Sofia Reyes and we learn the story of why Ignacio never got a green card.

Watch 30 Rock Season 1 Episode 4
"Jack the Writer"
Original Air Date:

Jack decides to join Liz and her staff in the writers' room, but his lack of writing ability becomes all too evident and his presence end...

Get 'Er Done Photo
Watch Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 5
"Get 'Er Done"
Original Air Date:

A pair of dueling storylines open this episode: Tim and Lyla are making out at Tim's house. They've slept together; Voodoo and Coach Tay...

Better Halves Photo
Watch Heroes Season 1 Episode 6
"Better Halves"
Original Air Date:

Just when you think Mr. Bennet might actually be okay, and that evil is just his day job, he sets up daughter Claire to meet her "bio-pa...

Angry Lynette
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 6
"Sweetheart, I Have to Confess"
Original Air Date:

Susan stays with Ian while Mike is with Edie; Lynette is upset at Tom for kissing Nora; Bree learns about Orson's past.

Watch Dexter Season 1 Episode 5
"Love American Style"
Original Air Date:

Let's take a quick look at "Love American Style." It's the fifth episode of Dexter's first season.

Hiro's Photo
Watch Heroes Season 1 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

It starts where it left off. Peter is shocked to find everything around him frozen and Hiro beside him. Hiro's message is to "Save the ...

Walter Caught Betty
Watch Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 5
"The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe"
Original Air Date:

Episode 5 is the Halloween episode and has Betty running around in a butterfly costume trying to get Daniel's lost watch from his many women.

Watch One Tree Hill Season 4 Episode 5
"I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness"
Original Air Date:

Nathan gets two surprises in a row, and everyone is eager to share their advice with him; Deb also shares something she picked up; and Br...

Watch 30 Rock Season 1 Episode 3
"Blind Date"
Original Air Date:

Realizing that her lack of a social life is having an adverse effect on her work, Jack sets Liz up on a blind date with a friend of his. ...