Piece of Garbage Pic
Watch Futurama Season 1 Episode 8
"A Big Piece of Garbage"
Original Air Date:

After discovering an old invention, the "Smell-O-Scope," Professor Farnsworth discovers a garbage ball in space from the year 2000 set to collide with Earth. Planet Express must stop the ball to save the world.

Watch Family Guy Season 1 Episode 6
"The Son Also Draws"
Original Air Date:

Chris loses interest in boy scouts and wants to take up art instead, so Peter takes him to the city to try and get him reinstated in the Boy Scouts. They end up at an Indian reservation casino.

My Three Suns Pic
Watch Futurama Season 1 Episode 7
"My Three Suns"
Original Air Date:

After get extremely dehydrated on a mission to Trisol, Fry drinks a bottle of water that contains the planet's emperor. Fry is declared the new emperor.

Watch Family Guy Season 1 Episode 5
"A Hero Sits Next Door"
Original Air Date:

The Griffins meet their new neighbors; Lois becomes friends with Bonnie; Meg likes their son, Kevin; Peter asks Joe to join his baseball team.

A Fishful of Dollars Pic
Watch Futurama Season 1 Episode 6
"A Fishful of Dollars"
Original Air Date:

After checking his bank account, Fry realizes that compounding interest has made him a millionaire. Fry goes on a massive spending spree and purchases the last can of sardines, attracting the attention of Mom, the famous oil tycoon.

Watch Family Guy Season 1 Episode 4
"Mind Over Murder"
Original Air Date:

Peter punches a woman he thought was a man at Chris' soccer game. Peter gets placed under house arrest and sets up a bar in the basement.

The Succubus Picture
Watch South Park Season 3 Episode 3
"The Succubus"
Original Air Date:

When Chef gets engaged, the boys are convinced that his fiancee is a succubus; Meanwhile, Cartman becomes the butt of his eye doctor's jokes.

Fear of a Bot Planet Pic
Watch Futurama Season 1 Episode 5
"Fear of a Bot Planet"
Original Air Date:

The Planet Express crew must make a delivery to Capek 9, a planet inhabited by human-hating robots. Bender is set to make the delivery alone, but is captured and must be rescued by Fry and Leela.

Watch Family Guy Season 1 Episode 3
"Chitty Chitty Death Bang"
Original Air Date:

Peter allows Meg to skip Stewie's birthday to go out with a party, which turns out to be a cult meeting. Lois, wanting the family to be together, sends Peter to pick up Meg.

Cartman on the Crucifix
Watch South Park Season 3 Episode 2
"Spontaneous Combustion"
Original Air Date:

Randy must come to the rescue when the whole townis spontaneously combusting; Meanwhile, Cartman plays Jesus in the "Stations of the Cross" play.