D.A. Denver - How to Get Away with Murder
Watch How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 13
"It's War"
Original Air Date:

On How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 13, Nate makes a shocking discovery while Annalise makes it her mission to take down the DA.

Sam, Dean and Castiel take a ride - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12
Watch Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12
"Stuck in the Middle (With You)"
Original Air Date:

Mary asks Sam, Dean and Castiel for help on a case she’s working but neglects to mention the British Men of Letters are involved.

Hockney Tests His Limits - Nashville
Watch Nashville Season 5 Episode 8
"Stand Beside Me"
Original Air Date:

On Nashville season 5 Episode 8, Hockney tests the limits of the restraining order, while Juliette asks the church choir to work with her on an album.

Burying the Past - Colony
Watch Colony Season 2 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

On Colony Season 2 Episode 6, Maddie and Nolan visit a labor camp while Will helps Katie try to bury her past when the Resistance reaches out to her.

New Information - Scandal
Watch Scandal Season 6 Episode 4
"The Belt"
Original Air Date:

On Scandal Season 6 Episode 4, as Cyrus continues to swear that he's innocent, Olivia and the Gladiators uncover new information about Frankie's murder.

Memory Lane - Riverdale
Watch Riverdale Season 1 Episode 4
"Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show"
Original Air Date:

On Riverdale Season 1 Episode 4, Betty and Veronica investigate Ms. Grundy's past to find out what she's hiding, and Jughead campaigns to save the local drive-in.

Weller and Jane Prepare - Blindspot Season 2 Episode 14
Watch Blindspot Season 2 Episode 14
"Borrow or Rob"
Original Air Date:

On Blindspot Season 2 Episode 14, the team needs Rich Dotcom's help in order to infilitrate a secret society that has the latest tattoo clue.

Lindsay Gets a Warning - Chicago PD
Watch Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 14
"Seven Indictments"
Original Air Date:

On Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 14, Lindsay and Halstead get an odd warning while the team investigates a home explosion that burned a body beyond recognition.

I Can Take the Bar? - Suits
Watch Suits Season 6 Episode 14
"Admission of Guilt"
Original Air Date:

On Suits Season 6 Episode 14, there will be a an argument as Mike gets set to take the bar, but will everypne support his decision?

A Vigil - Arrow
Watch Arrow Season 5 Episode 13
"Spectre of the Gun"
Original Air Date:

On Arrow Season 5 Episode 13, Oliver will turn to an unlikely source to keep the residents of Star City safe, but who is it?