Rollo Leads the Franks - Vikings
Watch Vikings Season 4 Episode 10
"The Last Ship"
Original Air Date:

Ragnar and his forces face off against Rollo and the Franks on Vikings Season 4 Episode 10. Does Rollo stand a chance against his brother's armada and Ragnar's vow to kill him?

Compromising Photos - The Catch
Watch The Catch Season 1 Episode 5
"The Larágan Gambit"
Original Air Date:

On The Catch Season 1 Episode 5 Margot and Ben go on a jewelry heist to pay their benefactor while client of Alice's is blackmailed with compromising photos.

The Next Aspect - Orphan Black
Watch Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 2
"Transgressive Border Crossing"
Original Air Date:

On Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 2, Sarah uncovers the next aspect of the Neolution's agenda while tracking down an elusive new ally.

Jackson Questions the Plan - Game of Silence
Watch Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 2
"Hurricane Gil"
Original Air Date:

On Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 2, Gil goes rogue and his behavior causes Jackson to question whether he can be a part of the revenge plan.

Heading to Prison - Criminal Minds
Watch Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 21
"Devil's Backbone"
Original Air Date:

On Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 21, the BAU is called in when guards at a prison intercept a package with evidence relating to the kidnapping of two boys.

The Telenovela Murder - Rosewood
Watch Rosewood Season 1 Episode 17
"Silkworms y Silencio"
Original Air Date:

On Rosewood Season 1 Episode 17, Rosewood and Villa examine their own relationship while investigating a telenovela star's murder and Rosewood's car is stolen.

Juliette Is Uncomfortable - Nashville
Watch Nashville Season 4 Episode 16
"Didn't Expect It to Go Down This Way"
Original Air Date:

On Nashville Season 4 Episode 16, Maddie disappears after Deacon's outburst at her gig, leaving her parents frantic and desperate to get her back home.

Regaining His Position - Empire
Watch Empire Season 2 Episode 14
"Time Shall Unfold"
Original Air Date:

On Empire Season 2 Episode 14, Lucious works to regain his CEO position as his new music video is unveiled while Hakeem heads a meeting with shareholders.

Shock Waves - Survivor
Watch Survivor Season 32 Episode 10
"I'm Not Here to Make Good Friends"
Original Air Date:

On Survivor: Kaôh Rong — Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty Season 32 Episode 10, decisions made at a recent tribal council send shock waves through the entire tribe.

Everything She Knows - The Americans
Watch The Americans Season 4 Episode 6
"The Rat"
Original Air Date:

On The Americans Season 4 Episode 6, Martha must finally face the truth she has denied – and her life may never be the same. Plus, a chilling new development in William’s work forces the Jennings to face the realities of what a biological war would mean.