Hanging In the Balance - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 17
"The Honeymoon"
Original Air Date:

On Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 17, Fitz, Simmons and Yo-Yo attempt to neutralize a weapon that could play a role in Earth’s destruction.

A Little Too Real - Jane the Virgin
Watch Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 16
"Chapter Eighty"
Original Air Date:

On Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 16, when Rafael is unhappy with Alba punishing Matteo, it causes an unexpected rift between in the household.

The Bachelorette Party - The Big Bang Theory
Watch The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 20
"The Reclusive Potential"
Original Air Date:

On The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 20, Penny and Bernadette improvise after Amy doesn't like the tame bachelorette party they planned for her.

Due DeLucas - Grey's Anatomy
Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 19
"Beautiful Dreamer"
Original Air Date:

An agent from ICE shows up at Grey Sloan in search of an employee who may be working in the U.S. under DACA. Alex’s patient Kimmie wants to leave the hospital to enjoy her final days, but Alex feels differently. Meanwhile, Arizona treats Matthew Taylor’s baby and April wants to do whatever she can to help.

The FBI Takes Over - Chicago Fire
Watch Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 18
"When They See Us Coming"
Original Air Date:

On Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 18, Casey and Severide volunteer to assist when the FBI takes over Firehouse 51 during an undercover mission.

Mary Protects Her Kids - Young Sheldon
Watch Young Sheldon Season 1 Episode 18
"A Mother, a Child, and a Blue Man's Backside"
Original Air Date:

On Young Sheldon Season 1 Episode 18, Mary forbids Sheldon from reading a more matrue comic book, but he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Failing At Everything - Arrow
Watch Arrow Season 6 Episode 18
Original Air Date:

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 18, with his frustration rising, Oliver lashes out at Felicity and William when he begins to believe he has failed at everything.

Inmates Run Free - Gotham
Watch Gotham Season 4 Episode 18
"That's Entertainment"
Original Air Date:

On Gotham Season 4 Episode 18, with the Arkham inmates still running free, Gordon develops a plan, but reluctantly has to turn to Bruce for help.

Ruling Over Heaven - Supernatural
Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 18
"Bring 'em Back Alive"
Original Air Date:

On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 18, Dean gets one step closer to finding Mary and Jack, while Sam and Castiel are perplexed by the return of Gabriel.

Testifying Against Mellie - Scandal
Watch Scandal Season 7 Episode 17
"Standing in the Sun"
Original Air Date:

On Scandal Season 7 Episode 17, when Liv is called to testify against Mellie, Cyrus and Jake’s mission to take the White House reaches a new level of deceit.