Visiting a Source - Homeland
Watch Homeland Season 7 Episode 5
"Active Measures"
Original Air Date:

On Homeland Season 7 Episode 5, Keane makes a desperate plea, while Saul heads off to visit a source, and Carrie puts her plan in to motion.

Cruel Intentions
Watch Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 3
"Apparently Dead"
Original Air Date:

On Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 3, Ruby reveals herself to Ash as she tries to strengthen her bond with Brandy to defeat The Prophesized One.

The Royals Season 4 Poster
Watch The Royals Season 4 Episode 1
"How Prodigal the Soul"
Original Air Date:

On The Royals Season 4 Episode 1, Liam was forced to send his sister away when things became too much inside the walls of the castle.

Back Together - Timeless Season 2 Episode 1
Watch Timeless Season 2 Episode 1
"The War to End All Wars"
Original Air Date:

On Timeless Season 2 Episode 1, Wyatt and Rufus chase the Mothership back to a French battlefront during World War One to rescue Lucy from Rittenhouse.

Things Go Sideways - Hawaii Five-0
Watch Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 17
"Holapu Ke Ahi, Koe Iho Ka Lehu (The Fire Blazed Up, Then Only Ashes Were Left)"
Original Air Date:

On Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 17, Adam's mission to take down organized crime goes sideways when deadly chlorine gas falls into the wrong hands.

Taken To Chernobyl - MacGyver
Watch MacGyver Season 2 Episode 17
"Bear Trap + Mob Boss"
Original Air Date:

On MacGyver Season 2 Episode 17, Jack and Riley hunt for a mobster-turned-informant after he's kidnapped and taken to Chernobyl by an international crime boss.

Double Life - Blue Bloods
Watch Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 16
"Tale of Two Cities"
Original Air Date:

On Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 16, Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a man who was leading a double life and had two separate families.

A Dangerous Game - Dynasty
Watch Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14
"The Gospel According to Blake Carrington"
Original Air Date:

On Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14, Cristal must cover-up an impulsive mistake that threatens to implode, while Steven finds himself channeling his darker side.

A Horrible Incident - Blindspot
Watch Blindspot Season 3 Episode 14
Original Air Date:

On Blindspot Season 3 Episode 14, Patteron tries to figure out what went wrong when and investigation into a tattoo results in a horrible incident.

Oh Em Gee Xo - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 12
Watch Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 12
"Chatper Seventy-Six"
Original Air Date:

When Jane, Rogelio and Alba learn what is going on with Xo, they try to comfort her, but Xo insists they let her live her life; Rafael is on a mission to find his sister.