A Life Altering Decision - Royal Pains
Watch Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 8
Original Air Date:

On Royal Pains Seaosn 8 Episode 8, Hank, Even, Paige, and Divya all make life altering decisions that take some of them away from the Hamptons on the series finale.

CJ's Great Responsibilities - Wayward Pines
Watch Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 7
"Time Will Tell"
Original Air Date:

On Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 7, Theo tries to communicate with the Abbie's leader as he and Megan take opposing views on their intelligence.

Interim President - Tyrant
Watch Tyrant Season 3 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

On Tyrant Season 3 Episode 1, Barry becomes interim president and works on the preparations for democratic elections in the season 3 premiere.

A Case Unravels - Containment
Watch Containment Season 1 Episode 11
"Nothing Gold Can Stay"
Original Air Date:

On Containment Season 1 Episode 11, when a failed plan threatens to unravel their entire case, Leo and Lex argue over what should be their next move.

Revisiting The Past - Feed the Beast
Watch Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 6
"The Wild West"
Original Air Date:

On Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 6, uninvited guests threaten to derail Thirio's opening while Tommy questions Dion's friendship with Rie.

Don't Mess With Me - Scream
Watch Scream Season 2 Episode 6
"Jeepers Creepers"
Original Air Date:

On Scream Season 2 Episode 6, Noah went after Audrey when he found out about her part in the murders, but Emma was against his plan and might have told Audrey.

The Next Job - Animal Kingdom
Watch Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 5
"Flesh Is Weak"
Original Air Date:

On Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 5, Pope takes extreme measures to get Deran back home while Baz comes up with the next big idea for an upcoming job.

Taking Action - Pretty Little Liars
Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3
"The Talented Mr. Rollins"
Original Air Date:

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3, while still reeling from Hanna's abduction, the Liars jump into action to rescue one of their own.

On Their Own - Zoo
Watch Zoo Season 2 Episode 3
"Collision Point"
Original Air Date:

On Zoo Season 2 Episode 3, after a tragedy Jackson and the team are on their own to stop a surge of animal-related attacks in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Ultimate Bromance - Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 2
Watch Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 2
"Barney Rubble Eyes"
Original Air Date:

The campers arrive to Camp Stillwater and one of the kids that Alex and Blotter are in charge of wanders off, leaving one of them out in the cold.