The Teenage Addict - Mom
Watch Mom Season 3 Episode 2
"Thigh Gap and a Rack of Lamb"
Original Air Date:

On Mom Season 3 Episode 2, Christy and Bonnie make an attempt to help a teenage addict, named Jodi, who is in attendance at one of their meetings.

Reinstatement - Elementary
Watch Elementary Season 4 Episode 2
"Evidence of Things Not Seen"
Original Air Date:

On Elementary Season 4 Episode 2, Sherlock's mistrust of his father makes him rethink the man's offer to have Sherlock and Joan reinstated with the NYPD.

Teaming Up - 2 Broke Girls
Watch 2 Broke Girls Season 5 Episode 1
"And the Wrecking Ball"
Original Air Date:

On 2 Broke Girls Season 5 Episode 1, when Han's diner and the cupcake window are slated for destruction, Max and Caroline team up with the diner to stop it.

A Job - You're the Worst
Watch You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 10
"A Right Proper Story"
Original Air Date:

On You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 10, Edgar bonds with Jimmy's little sister when his family comes for a visit and Lindsay gets a job for the day.

The Tip - Chicago PD
Watch Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 8
"Forget My Name"
Original Air Date:

On Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 8, the team discovers a mutilated body of an official while responding to an informant's tip about an upcoming drug trade.

Together They Work
Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 8
"Melancholy Pursuit"
Original Air Date:

The team swings into action when a young girl goes missing and the only way they can find her is found in the DNA on a brand new Law and Order: SVU

Reward Challenge - Survivor
Watch Survivor Season 31 Episode 8
"You Call, We Haul"
Original Air Date:

On Survivor Cambodia: Second Chances Season 31 Episode 8, the two teams compete for a reward and one more castaway is voted out of the game.

Morgan Is Warned - Criminal Minds
Watch Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 7
"Target Rich"
Original Air Date:

On Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 7, Giuseppe Montolo dies in prison after he warns Morgan about an underground group of hit men and JJ returns.

Facing Off in Court - Rosewood
Watch Rosewood Season 1 Episode 7
"Quadriplegia and Quality Time"
Original Air Date:

On Rosewood Season 1 Episode 7, The Rosewood men go face to face during a murder trial, and the truth about the origin of Rosewood's health issues are revelaed.

A Global Music Monolith - Empire
Watch Empire Season 2 Episode 7
"True Love Never"
Original Air Date:

On Empire Season 2 Episode 7, Lucious looks to bring Empire into the music streaming business, while Cookie plans a massive concert.