Her Own Time - Continuum
Watch Continuum Season 4 Episode 1
"Lost Hours"
Original Air Date:

On Continuum Season 4 Episode , the newly arrived time travelers threaten to destroy Kiera and her alliance with Brad while she yearns to return to her son.

The Dome Comes Down - Under the Dome
Watch Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 13
"The Enemy Within"
Original Air Date:

The town gets ready to say goodbye to their world as they know it when the dome comes crashing down for good on the series finale of Under The Dome.

On the Run - Beauty and the Beast
Watch Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 13
Original Air Date:

On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 13, Cat and Vincent come up with a life changing idea to take Liam down. Will they succeed in their plan?

Tracking the Sarin Gas - Graceland
Watch Graceland Season 3 Episode 12
"Dog Catches Car"
Original Air Date:

On Graceland Season 3 Episode 12, Mike hunts for the sarin gas, the feud between the Sarkissians and a local gang heats up and Briggs' motives are revealed.

Moving Forward - Teen Mom 2
Watch Teen Mom 2 Season 6 Episode 10
"Expect a Miracle"
Original Air Date:

On Teen Mom 2 Season 6 Episode 10, Kailyn is torn between Javi and Jo, Leah finalizes her divorce and prepares to return to therapy, and Jenelle and Barbara meet in court.

Dealing With the Past - Dominion
Watch Dominion Season 2 Episode 10
"House of Sacrifice"
Original Air Date:

Michael's time in Mallory comes back to haunt him on Dominion Season 2 Episode 10. Meanwhile, the archangel Gabriel is out for blood and unleashes an unimaginable evil.

Gigi's New Contract - Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll
Watch Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Season 1 Episode 9
"Take My Picture by the Pool"
Original Air Date:

On Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Season 1 Episode 9, Bam and Rehab quit the band to become DJs while Gigi lands a huge record deal for herself.

A Powerful Move - Extant
Watch Extant Season 2 Episode 12
"Double Vision"
Original Air Date:

On Extant Season 2 Episode 12, Lucy makes a powerful move against the humans and the hybrids that could have devastating global repercussions.

Party All the Time - You're the Worst
Watch You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 1
"The Sweater People"
Original Air Date:

On You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 1, despite living together, Jimmy and Gretchen attempt to avoid all semblance of domesticity by partying all the time.

Mitch and Jamie - Zoo
Watch Zoo Season 1 Episode 12
"Wild Things"
Original Air Date:

On Zoo Season 1 Episode 12, as Jamie and Mitch struggle to create a cure, a shocking turn of event puts everything in jeopardy. Chloe tries to get help from the government.