Mike's Drug Addiction - Graceland
Watch Graceland Season 3 Episode 8
"Savior Complex"
Original Air Date:

On Graceland Season 3 Episode 8, Mike's addiction to drugs makes a bad situation worse for he and Gusti while Charlie and Jakes close in on Germaine.

Will Traci Tell? - Rookie Blue
Watch Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 8
"Integrity Test"
Original Air Date:

On Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 8, Traci trails Steve while Andy, Sam, Dov, and Gail follow a risky plan to prove Oliver is being set up by the Commissioner.

New Information - Teen Mom 2
Watch Teen Mom 2 Season 6 Episode 6
"Walk Out"
Original Air Date:

On Teen Mom 2 Season 6 Episode 6, Chelsea learns information about Taylor that could impact her court case with Adam, and Jeremy threatens Leah with divorce.

Julian Tortures Gabriel - Dominion
Watch Dominion Season 2 Episode 6
"Reap of the Whirlwind"
Original Air Date:

Michael plans the group's escape from New Delphi, while Alex attempts a dangerous eviction on Dominion Season 2 Episode 6. Meanwhile in Vega, Claire deals with David's Civil War.

Who Needs Therapy - Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Season 1 Episode 5
Watch Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Season 1 Episode 5
"Doctor Doctor"
Original Air Date:

On Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Season 1 Episode 5, Gigi is insistent that the entire band must visit a renowned music therapist.

Pit Crew! - Duck Dynasty
Watch Duck Dynasty Season 8 Episode 8
"Pit Perfect"
Original Air Date:

On Duck Dynasty Season 8 Episode 8, a Duck Commander-sponsored NASCAR race inspires Jase and the guys to try their hand at being on a pit crew.

Preparing to Meet - Mr. Robot
Watch Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 8
Original Air Date:

On Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 8, the Dark Army is prepared to meet Elliott, Allsafe is controlled and Joanna and Tyrell put their plan into effect.

Saving Her Son - Extant
Watch Extant Season 2 Episode 8
"Arms and Humanich"
Original Air Date:

On Extant Season 2 Episode 8, Molly is desperate to try and save her son while JD fights to save his daughter who has been abducted by Shepherd.

Claire is Back! - Suits Season 5 Episode 8
Watch Suits Season 5 Episode 8
"Mea Culpa"
Original Air Date:

On Suits Season 5 Episode 8, Harvey and Louis are at odds, while Mike runs into an ex that could reveal his secret to the world.

Chaos for the Competition - Dance Moms
Watch Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 31
"Chaos at Nationals"
Original Air Date:

On Dance Moms Season 5 episode 31, the ALDC's competition season comes to a close with Nationals, and the girls feel the pressure to remain undefeated.