Down to Four - The Amazing Race
Watch The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 12
"All or Nothing"
Original Air Date:

On The Amazing Race Season 25, Episode 12, one duo is eliminated on the final leg of the race in Los Angeles leaving the final three pairs to run for the win.

The Final Plan - Covert Affairs
Watch Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 16
"Gold Soundz"
Original Air Date:

Annie and McQuaid must escape Argentina with Belenko, while Joan and Arthur have to make some big decisions which will affect their lives going forward, on Covert Affairs.

To The Beach - The Biggest Loser
Watch The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 13
"Kauai: Part 1"
Original Air Date:

On The Biggest Loser: Glory Days Season 16 Episode 13, while in Hawaii a trainer and a player who both fear the water try snorkeling while others participate in a kayak challenge.

Manhunt - Elementary
Watch Elementary Season 3 Episode 8
"End of Watch"
Original Air Date:

On Elementary Season 3 Episode 8, Holmes and Watson join the manhunt for a cop killer while Kitty tries to find BrainAttic, a blogger sharing private observations made by Sherlock.

Mountain Retreat - Tamar & Vince
Watch Tamar & Vince Season 3 Episode 8
"Gone Fishin'"
Original Air Date:

On Tamar & Vince Season 3 Episode 8, Toni watches baby Logan while Tamar, Vince and their friends head off to a mountain retreat with Benzino.

Explaining Santa - Two and a Half Men
Watch Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 8
"Clockwise in Back Hole Until Tight"
Original Air Date:

On Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 8, Alex and Walden decide it's up to them to try and convince Louis that Santa Claus really does exist.

Invite the Neighbor - The McCarthys
Watch The McCarthys Season 1 Episode 8
"Red Sox Swap"
Original Air Date:

On The McCarthys Season 1 Episode 8, Marjorie invites their heartbroken neighbor to spend Christmas with them and be a part of their very competitive gift giving.

Apologies - Mom
Watch Mom Season 2 Episode 8
"Free Therapy and a Dead Lady's Yard Sale"
Original Air Date:

On Mom Season 2 Episode 8, Christy apologizes to Baxter for her past mistakes while Bonnie shares som unfortunate news.

A Dangerous Con - White Collar
Watch White Collar Season 6 Episode 6
"Au Revoir"
Original Air Date:

On White Collar Season 6 Episode 6, Neal formulates a new plan as Peter joins in on the dangerous con with the Pink Panthers on the series finale.

Ludo Prepares His Team for the Holiday Challenge - The Taste
Watch The Taste Season 3 Episode 3
"Happy Holidays "
Original Air Date:

On The Taste, the cooks are asked to create holiday themed dishes for the mentors, and the guest judge this week is Naomi Pomerey.