A Disturbing Vision - Extant
Molly has a disturbing vision following a near death experience on Extant. "Don't Shoot the Messenger" is the tenth episode of the show's second season.

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Extant Season 2 Episode 10: "Don't Shoot the Messenger"
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Extant Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

You're not the only one that's been given a second chance. Look, I don't believe in that destiny crap, I just don't. But when I add up all the things that had to happen to bring us together... that's all the proof I need to know that the universe has a couple miracles up its sleeve. Even for us.


Molly: Our people didn't come clear around the universe so you could die. We came to live.
Terra: You're not one of us.
Molly: Yes, I am. I shed the last of my old life today. Woke with clear eyes and an understanding of what can be. We can build the future... together.