A Figure in The Library - The Magicians Season 3
Penny meets the mysterious figure who is responsible for writing each person's "story."

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The Magicians
The Magicians Season 3 Episode 8: "Six Short Stories About Magic"
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The Magicians Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Alice: If you're his supervisor I want to file a complant.
Zelda: Roughish belligerencey is a common trait among travelers.
Alice: How can he take people with him when he travels. ... You really do have a battery.
Zelda: Is that why you're here?
Alice: No, I don't care about the battery--well, of course I do. All I want is a Library card.
Zelda: We are no longer accepting new applications.

Penny: Look, I get it. You didn't want me to bail on you so you lied. And then I bailed on you anyway. Be mad, but don't be stupid.
Benedict. I buried it. I'm sorry. I spent so much of my life alone, the thought of spending the rest of time--I thought you were my friend. And I thought if you couldn't find the key, eventually you'd... I don't know--
Penny: You thought I'd hang out in your dumb tent?
Benedict: I thought we'd spruce it up together.
Penny: Look, don't ask me how I know this, but you are the only person who cried when I died. We are friends. And I appreciate you, so listen. Once you show me where the key is, Silvia is going to take you to The Library map room. You are going to be very popular.