A Traumatic Past - Kung Fu
Mei-Li and Jin are forced to revisit a traumatic experience from their past on Kung Fu. "Sanctuary" is the fifth episode of the show's first season.

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Kung Fu
Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 5: "Sanctuary"
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Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Pei-Ling: You are changing, Nicky.
Nicky: I am?
Pei-Ling: I have seen you with the other women here, listening to their stories, appreciating the simple joys of practice, of being. You want answers about what you think you saw, all I can say is there are mysteries in the world Nicky, unknown to most people. Energies. Presences.
Nicky: You're not talking about Shaolin anymore, are you?
Pei-Ling: Do not look for logic, where logic cannot live. Open your mind to the unknown.

Nicky: Pei-Ling told me something, and it goes beyond physics, beyond facts, and history. I didn't really believe her until now.
Henry: What do you mean?
Nicky: The unknown. Look in every illustration of the sword we found, the handle is smooth, when Pei-Ling showed it to me it was smooth When I grabbed it? Smooth. No markings, nothing. So how did this happen. The weapons glowed green. Well, I saw the sword glow, and this scabbard, it's inlaid with obsidian, like the sword. Black as night. Now if the weapons glowed green, and the sword glowed green, and this scabbard belongs to the sword... then... Henry! There are greater forces at play here. I think the magic is real.