Bret and Jermaine Sell Jingles
After firing Murray, Bret and Jermaine find themselves in a business deal where they have the potential to do a jingle for a commercial.

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Flight of the Conchords
Flight of the Conchords Season 2 Episode 1: "A Good Opportunity"
Jermaine, Bret
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Flight of the Conchords Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Jemaine: Women love weaving, they love to weave.
Bret: No, weaving is a man's game.
Jemaine: Bret, you put a woman in front of weaving machine and just watch her go.
Bret: No, honestly, my Dad weaves, my grandfather was a weaver... I come from a family of weavers.
Jemaine: I've never seen a man weave.
Bret: I love weaving. I'm weaving at the moment, making a pair of tro

Murray: Bret, could you get a pencil out of my stationary cabinet, please?
Bret: Where's that?
Murray: Just the glove box.