Brie and Brady spend the day together and continue to get closer to one another on Virgin River Season 3 Episode 5.

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Virgin River
Virgin River Season 3 Episode 5: "Kindling "
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Virgin River Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Todd: Listen, I know Charmaine pushed you to come.
Jack: Well, it's important to her that we get along.
Todd: Actually, there's something I want to offer you face to face.
Jack: Alright.
Todd: I want you to understand that I love Charmaine and I would do anything to make her happy.
Jack: And I'm sincerely happy for the both of you.
Todd: That's good to hear. And if I were you I would be relieved that she found someone who could take care of her so you know you don't have to.
Jack: I'm perfectly capable of supporting her and the twins.
Todd: Yeah, I'm sure you are. But I'm offering you a free pass. Look, Charmaine and I talked about it and we both think it's best for everyone if I would legally adopt the twins.
Jack: I'm sorry, did you just say you want to adopt my kids?
Todd: Just hear me out. It's the cleanest way for all involved. That way there's on dragging them back and forth, there's no real dad versus stepdad, and I'd foot the bill. Think of the cash you'll save for not having to pay for college. Come on, man, it's a win-win.
Jack: And you don't think it'll be psychologically damaging for them to grow up wondering why I abandoned them?
Todd; They don't have to know.
Jack: The fact that you would even consider starting a relationship with my children by lying to them. Oh, and don't think for one second that I would ever give them up for a little extra cash. They're not for sale.

Jack: When did you start thinking about having a baby?
Mel: Um, after the accident, I didn't think that I could get pregnant, so I just kept telling myself that I didn't need to be a mom. But every time I see Lilly with Chloe, my heart beats.
Jack: Then how come you didn't say anything until now?
Mel: Because we just started dating and you have twins on the way. I know this feeling isn't going to go away. I feel like I owe it to myself to try.
Jack: It's hard to argue with your feelings.