Bryce and Sarah
Bryce Larkin is back and he's on a mission with Sarah where they pose as a romantic couple.

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Chuck Season 2 Episode 3: "Chuck Versus the Break-Up"
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Chuck Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Chuck: So uh...staying with Sarah, huh?
Bryce: Protecting our cover. How are things between you guys?
Chuck: They're good. Good good good. Solid. Why, did she say something?
Bryce: No it's just, she's a beautiful girl, pretending to be your girlfriend. I was afraid you'd let the lines get blurred and fall for her.
(Chuck scoffs)
Chuck: What me, fall for Sarah? Please.
(Sarah enters)
Sarah: Hey guys. So how do I look?
Chuck: Good. Yeah, yeah. Real good. Red's not really my color, so... (mumbles) forgot my jacket...or salmon or whatever that is.

Fulcrum Agent: Okay, let's try this one more time. The microchip. Please. The microchip now!
Bryce: Release the kid first.
Chuck: Kid? Honestly, we were born in the same year.
Fulcrum Agent: Give me the chip and I'll let him go.
(Bryce raises his arm and puts his gun down)
Fulcrum Agent: The chip.
Bryce: There. Now release him.
Fulcrum Agent: Sorry.
Bryce: You got it?
Sarah: (Sarah, out of the Fulcrum Agents's view, whispers) Yeah, I got it.
Bryce: Take it...take the shot, Sarah. Sarah! Take the shot! Take it!
(A shot from elsewhere rings)
Casey: You want something done right, you do it yourself.