Carolina sees something she likes - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 2
When Carolina sees something, she likes, she goes after it.

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Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 2: "Smokeshow"
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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Alicia: Of course, this would happen on my first day.
Danny: Right, new manager gig.
Alicia: Hence, the dorky blazer.
Danny: I don't know, you look pretty good to me. I mean that's what I would say if we weren't keeping this strictly professional.
Alicia: Right, well, you know, just trying to look the part.
Danny: Yeah, definitely. Yeah with your name tag, your clipboard, your keycard.
Alicia: Oh, this one? Yeah, highest security clearance. I'm basically secret service for this thing.
Danny: Wow 'cause mine won't even let me into the gym.
Alicia: As if you need to spend more time at the gym, is what I would say if I were being less professional.

Ingrid: You called me Mamacita over and over all night long.
Javi: We totally had sex.