Cheering for Addison

These Private Practice characters have a reason to stand and cheer. Addison is a married woman!

Cooper and Charlotte at the Wedding

Cooper and Charlotte attend Addison's wedding in this photo. We are so happy for them!

In Bed with CharCoop

Is this not totally adorable? We're in bed with Charlotte and Cooper during this scene from Private Practice.

Dancing with Charlotte

Cooper dips his wife in this special Private Practice photo. It's from the episode "Georgia On My Mind."


Charlotte and Cooper in a cute photo from Private Practice.

Sam, Coop and Charlotte

Sam, Coop and Charlotte gather around here on the episode "Aftershock." It's a scene from the season six premiere.

Coop and Charlotte

Coop and Charlotte have been through so much on Private Practice. This is a photo from the sixth season premiere.

Private Practice Season 5 Finale Photo

Charlotte stands here with Mason, during an emotional scene from the fifth season finale of Private Practice.

Charlotte and Erica

Charlotte has come a very long way in her dealings with Erica. She helps her look her hospital best in this Private Practice scene.

Looking After Erica

It's not looking good for Erica. Charlotte and Amelia look on in this photo from the episode "The Letting Go."

Give Me a Hug!

Charlotte opens her arms up wide for Mason in this scene from "The Letting Go." She has certainly changed her view on the little guy.

A Visit to Seattle Grace

Welcome to Seattle Grace, Erica. Can you blame the young woman for looking so terrified?

Private Practice Quotes

I think I can see your arteries closing up from here.


"Never talk about your penis when you hug another man."


Private Practice Music

  Song Artist
Song Lost The Mary Onettes
Down In The Valley The Broken West iTunes
Song Message From Yuz The Switches