Cody pin - A Teacher Season 1 Episode 7
Cody pins something on Eric on A Teacher Season 1 Episode 7.

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A Teacher
A Teacher Season 1 Episode 7: "Episode 7"
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A Teacher Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Girl: I know who you are.
Eric: Yeah, my name’s Eric. I told you at the party.
Girl: No, I mean, I know about you and your teacher. I went to Mayfield, and it was like a huge deal there. I saw you at the party, and I was like, ‘Holy shit, it’s him.’ Did she teach you to do what you just did?
Eric: Yeah, yeah. She taught me a whole lot of other stuff too. You want to see?

Chris: You’re not gonna sit here man and fucking smoke my weed and drink my booze without telling me about banging your teacher, man.
Eric: What?
Cody: You didn’t think I wasn’t gonna tell them that a fucking legend was pledging?
Chris: Let me get this straight, you nailed a hot…
Cody: The hottest.
Chris: The fucking hottest teacher while you were her student?
Ryan: You hooked up with your teacher?
Chris: Yes, bro, like multiple times and then sent her ass to jail like a fucking savage.
Ryan: Holy shit.