Counselor Rafael Barba - Law & Order: SVU
Barba returns and faces off with Carisi in court on Law & Order: SVU. "Sightless In a Savage Land" is the fourth episode of the show's 22nd season.

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Law & Order: SVU
Law & Order: SVU
Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 4: "Sightless in a Savage Land"
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Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 4 Quotes

Rollins: What is it?
Carisi: Amber Alert. 13-year-old girl taken a block from Gracie Mansion.
Rollins: SVU requested. So this is how 2021 begins.

Noah: Are they still going to drop the ball?
Benson: Of course they are.
Noah: If there's going to be nobody here, why are they putting those [barriers] up?
Benson: They're just setting up. Hey Noah, we're gonna watch the ball drop on TV just like any other year.
Noah: No, it's not. I just want this year to be over.