Dating Bounderies - Ghosts Season 2 Episode 12
Hetty thinks it's a bad idea for Sam to give any dating advice to Freddie, their new assistant. Will the advice go wrong?

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Ghosts Season 2 Episode 12: "The Family Business"
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Ghosts Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Trevor: I was joking! I wasn’t turned on at all.
Hetty: My friend, that lie would be a lot easier to sell … with some pants on.
Trevor: That’s involuntary. Don’t read into it.
[He looks down at his crotch]
Trevor: Damn you.

Flower: Security camera? That’s creepy. I don’t want to be watched.
Pete: Flower, you’re invisible.
Flower: Oh yeah! That would’ve come in handy when I robbed that bank.