Deran Ponders - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10
Deran ponders what he's going to do about Adrian, but his options are limited. What will he do and how will he do it?

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Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10: "Exit Strategy"
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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Pope: How do you know this guy?
Smurf: I've done business with him over the years.
Pope: And you decided you want to rip him off?
Smurf: I didn't say I liked doing business with him, did I?

Deran: She taught us how to fight and lie and cheat and steal. Not exactly mother of the year material.
Pope: Did you ever have an empty stomach? Did you ever sleep in a car?
Deran: There you go defending her. Always defending her after everything she's done to you.
Pope: You're my brother. When you call me with a problem, I show up. We're family whether you like it or not. Family.